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Anna Reid writes about a modeling convention for swimsuit models


The idea of a modeling convention for swimsuit models was something I had never heard of. I had always assumed that modeling conventions were were a means through which new models could be discovered by leading modeling agencies, and I didn't think that modeling agencies would ever look specifically for swimsuit models.But then again, I didn't live near any major city, I hadn't really the time or the money to organize a trip to a primary market so I thought I'd find out more about this convention

The Swimsuit Modeling Convention

Around 3 or 4 years ago some company was distributing fliers with information about this convention. It said that the world of swimsuit models was a highly paid one and the requirements were that you were beautiful and well toned but height wasn't a big issue. It described the work as well paid and great fun and the flier said that the convention would be attended by major modeling agencies who had a close association with the manufacturers of swimsuits including speedo and just add water.

Once big names come into focus things often become more tempting.This was my big chance I thought to break into an area of modeling that I felt I would be perfect for. The only problem was the high cost of attending.

Questions to the Modeling Convention

At the time of this convention I was a little short of cash and the idea of a big spend on something that didn't necessarily guarantee anything just seemed plain stupid. I had to investigate a little more, so I decided to get in touch with the organizers of the convention and ask them a few questions to find out what the scene was.

The first question I asked was ( even though I say so myself) a really good question to ask. I had often wondered if there was any pre-screening of models for modeling conventions. I had understood that most people were scouted for conventions but there was absolutely no scouting involved with this convention. Basically, anyone who thought that they had a chance of becoming a model could go - as long as they had the money ! But surely there should be some sort of pre-screening I thought. Surely the organizers themselves must have a pretty good idea of what the talent agencies would require, and if someone had absolutely no chance of becoming a swimsuit model, it seemed wrong as far as I was concerned to take their money at a convention

The Phone Call to the modeling convention

The flier had a phone number on it so I decided to give it a call. Much to my surprise, I managed to get in touch with an organizer fairly quickly. I introduced myself to him, told him about myself and my circumstances. He was extremely friendly and seemed remarkably positive about my chances of success. This immediately made me suspicious. If he hadn't even seen me, why was he telling me that I had a fairly good chance of becoming a swimsuit model. I then asked him my question about the screening process. I told him that I felt many people may be wasting their money if they are not screened before they go on the convention. He seemed to become flustered when I said this, and said that swimsuit modeling was notoriously hard to judge. How then I wondered had he just told me that I had a good chance of success, even though he had not even seen me.

Model or talent agencies and swimsuit models

As it has probably become obvious by now, this particular prospective swimsuit model had become rather suspicious of this whole convention thing and decided not to go. A few friends who went said that it was an over - hyped , overly expensive waste of time and nobody got anywhere with it. Personally I am glad that I decided to do some background research of my own before paying out any cash, and I would advise any other potential swimsuit model to do the same.

Swimsuit Models

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