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Anne Reid gives advice to teen models considering their futures

I guess nowadays there are so many teen girls who want to become models making this dream incredibly hard to realize. Most girls in their teens do not even know about the different modeling opportunities that exist - they think fashion models and that's about as far as it goes, at least that's how things were with me !

But of course there are many different avenues for the teen model to explore. Fashion is of course one option - the doing the runways in New York or Milan but there are many other different options that a model in her teens may wish to explore.

The express Teen model guide to modeling

Fashion is just one of a host of different modeling types. Most models for example are involved in commercial modeling. This is itself broken down generally into product modeling and lifestyle modeling. Product Modeling is naturally enough where a model is used to sell products. A model may , for example, be pictured on a beach looking into the distance happily chewing some gum .Lifestyle modeling is more where models are used to depict a scene or an idea- the work is not so closely associated with working with a prop. Needless to say, there are opportunities here for the teen model and the pay is lucrative.

Teen Models and Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling is not generally involved with selling products or ideas, it is more a case of selling the prints themselves. Glamour modeling involves wearing skimpy clothing, The calendars you see with barely clad girls hanging on the walls of male dominated offices is an example of glamour modeling !

How does a teen break into modeling

The teen market is full of pitfalls when it comes to modeling. The first thing to say is that you're going to need a guide to help you - some sort of a father figure - you really shouldn't try to sort things out on your own.

The main reason for this is that you may enter into situations which are potentially unsafe. Unfortunately some teens think they are going on a modeling shoot and end up being duped or coerced into working for the adult industry, often with the promise of instant cash which is far less than they could earn if properly directed.

The teen model should approach ( with the aid of a mentor ) a number of model agencies which can be verified as reputable .Check for example that the talent agency has a license to operate in the state,and ask them for a list of recent clients and models who you can contact for references. Be warned that the industry is full of sharks and shady enterprises,and if you have any doubts at all, then try a different agency. Above all, you should not part with any money until the agency has found you work. If you are asked to part with money first then it should never be more than $300 under any circumstances, and the teen model should also be aware that if an agency charges you up front, it means that it cannot support itself through commissions on models earnings, meaning that it is less likely that that agency is going to be able to successfully find you work.

The Teen Model and Education

One final point for the teen model to consider. The best approach for anyone new to modeling is to consider your early attempts at becoming a model as purely a hobby , a means of finding out more about the industry and just basically seeing how it works. Keep all of your other employment opportunities open , because however great you may look, it is extremely difficult to break into modeling.

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