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Fashion Photographers and Commercial Photographers by Steve Weis

One of the choices a model will have to make at the start of her career is the area of modelling she wants to get into. Assuming the model is deciding between fashion and commercial styles, she will then have to try to pick a photographer who can help her build up her portfolio appropriately.

Fashion Photographers

Althought the distinction between fashion and commercial photography is a blurred one, if you can find a photographer who specialises in a discipline you may well find that the quality of the shoots you get are superb. TFP photographers for example may be on a limited budget and thus they may create their studio to give them the best chance of success in one of these fields. The fashion photographer for example may well have a well lit studio and may well use natural light in preference to other forms of lighting. One very good reason for this is for portrait style fashion shots the eyes are obviously extremely important. If you have a dark set then the pupils will dilate and you will see less of the colour of the eye which can have a negative impact on the shot. Another area that the fashion photographer will be adept at is taking shots of extreme movement. In fashion shoots, the body is often pushed to its limit in terms of pose and movement, and the well experienced photographer can catch this movement perfectly.


Commercial Photographers

Commercial photographers may well be experts n areas such as catalogue modelling or advertising. Their particular skill will generally be in getting a relaxed look and in the use of props which integrate naturally into the shoot. This is harder to achieve than you may think. Commercial photographers often work to tight time scales where they have to produce a lot of photographs in a short timescale. The range of expression that the model will be expected to produce is lifelike. By contrast the fashion model will lso have to be adept at producing more intense expressions.

Fashion photographers and commercial photographers


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