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Steve Robinson talks about his various attempts to become a male model

Most of my friends were involved in construction at the time I decided to try to become a male model. I was also in construction and when I told them about my plans they didn't really know how to react. Some thought it was a cool move, should bring in a lot of money, others thought that I was mad giving up my job to per sue this full time.

To be honest, I was looking forward to getting out of construction anyway, and was planning into moving into a slightly different line of work (plumbing) if I wasn't successful at male modeling. I gave myself about 3 months to become a male model, and if things weren't to be, well at least I tried.

Competition to become a male model

One of the first things that became apparent to me when looking into the idea of male modeling was the fact that the competition was not as fierce as it is with the female models. I guess maybe because so many girls grow up dreaming of becoming a model and some female models have received so much celebrity and notoriety. the competition is really intense. Sure there is competition too in male modeling, and you have to be good to get on, but male modeling is definitely easier to get into than female modeling. Perhaps another sign of this is in the fact that most of us can name 10 Super Models - how many of us could name 10 male models ?

Approaching Model agencies as a male model

The approach to becoming a male model is I'm sure pretty much the same as becoming a female model .I began by trying to investigate which agencies were reputable and which were not. This was easy with the major companies but harder with the smaller ones. I phoned up a few of the less well known agencies with a few questions. I would ask them if they could give me a list of the clients they worked for and some of the male models on their books so that I could check out whether they were reputable or not.My simple rule was this. Any agency that could not or did not want to provide this information must have wanted to hide their record , so I did not per sue anything with them.

Success as a male model

I was fortunate enough to find a placement with a great agency. There were no up front fees to worry about. This group was entirely professional. I signed an exclusive contract but it was tied down to the performance of the company, and if I did not receive a certain amount of work each year I would be released and compensated. Happily, that has not been necessary. I've received a lot of work in the commercial modeling industry.

Hope these experiences help you in deciding whether or not to become a male model

Male Model

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