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The world of modelling in the UK is fairly tough to break into. When I first started out the initial problem was how am I going to get images. There are basically 2 routes for the would be UK model - firstly you can go and get a portfolio done professionally and then send your images off to agencies ot you can go and get TFP. In this article, I'm going to look at TFP.

TFP in the UK

There are actually quite a lot of semi pro photographers in the UK who are often very keen on trying out new ideas if you have a look that they feel they can work with. All of the semi-pros I came across were great - brilliant for helping me to get some experience and some 'images on the board'. Very important to remember though to be chaperoned and all times ( preferably by some fairly hunky guy !) If your TFp photographer says at teh outset that he prefers to work alone, don't go near him !

UK Modelling Momentum

Once you get some TFP shots under your belt, it is easier to work your way up the ladder so to speak. The mmore shots you have, the more you have to show potential new photographers what you can do , and if you are lucky you may be able to get iin touch with a pro photographer who is interested by your portfolio and who wants to work with you

UK Model Agencies

Although you do not have to have experience to be selected by many agencies in the UK, some of the smaller ones do require experience and they will require you to have a good number of professional shots that they can use as your modelling book. Many UK modelling deals are struck like this.The major agencies only require a few polaroids to take you on, whereas the smaller ones will be looking for good examples of what you have already done.

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