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Alternatives to Modeling - Glamour , Fitness and Commercial by Kerrie Roberts

It has been said many times now that although fashion is the best known form of modeling, and perhaps the one that most people think of when they think modeling, there are many other forms of modeling that can also pay well and that can be far less stressful on the individual.

Take commercial modeling for example - being paid maybe $1000 for posing with a cell phone - that may suit some people far better than the hectic life of a fashion model. But how do you break into the world of commercial modeling - where do you start ?

The most common way to start is with what's known as a composite card or a comp card. This is basically a card with about 5 pictures that should be fairly natural looking. You will certainly need a good commercial photographer to achieve the kind of look you want for a comp card, and that can be fairly hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find a good professional photographer, then you can start sending your card to model agencies or better yet visit them personally.

There are of course other ways. Girls who may be interested for example in fitness modeling can find success by attending fitness conventions. If you have the right look ( you have great muscular definition as well as beauty ) then it is said that fitness modeling can be relatively easy to break into. The problem is that it is at first not particularly well paid, but any publicity you get at the outset can obviously launch your career to something much bigger.The internet is said to be another good source of fitness models.

On the other hand, if you do not have the muscular definition of a fitness model then how about getting into the world of tv commercials. If this is your thing, send a few headshots to various casting directors, and if you are successful then you will be given an audition.

The best way to prepare for auditions,conventions and the like is practice practice proactive. You have to prepare yourself as well as possible by thinking the event through, but there is no substitute for experience. If you can, it is often a really good idea to have a go at auditioning for parts that you do not particularly want - you are there merely to improve your technique, so that when something you really want comes along you will be ready.

Of course if you are the more daring type you could also consider glamour modeling. Unlike the other types of modeling which are directed towards a particular product ( fashion models are there to demonstrate clothes, commercial models are used to demonstrate products ) glamour models are often there purely to, well, provide glamour ! With glamour modeling, you will have to be prepared for at least partial nudity.You will of course have to be at least 18 years old and as with all areas of modeling you should be extremely careful about who you are photographed by and which agency you affiliate yourself with. You should always have samples of work and references. Glamour models often use less conventional methods of finding work such as the internet since modeling agencies do not always provide work in this area. If you are using a web photographer for example, be especially careful and it may be a good idea to have a chaperone at all times.



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