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Ruth Lea looks at the world of Commercial Models

Most people think of fashion modeling when they think of the world of models in general but there is a lot more to modeling than that. For those who feel that fashion modeling may not be for them, then commercial modeling can offer a less stressful yet extremely well paid alternative

What is Commercial Modeling - Lifestyle and Product

Commercial modeling generally comes in 2 major divisions lifestyle models and product models. Product models are used to sell a product for a client are there work is often done in close association with that product. A good example might be a mobile phone advert. There you will see models in scenes designed to sell mobile phones - they will be there happily ringing or texting somebody about some event , holding the phone in a certain way to show it off and generally giving the association of the product with youth , beauty and fun.

Lifestyle models on the other hand tend to depict lifestyles or ideas and are generally not so closely associated with a product. For example, a retired couple walking on a beach gazing out into the sea may be used to generate interest in a retirement fund.

Corporate Commercial Models

Corporate Commercial models are very similar to lifestyle models, but they have a business type theme.

Product Demo and Trade Show Modeling

These are areas where new models often start their modeling careers. They are great places to start, in that you learn how to start interacting with the public and you can build up your confidence - two qualities which will prove extremely important if you are to have a successful career. Product Demo Modeling receives perhaps the lowest pay in terms of commercial modeling. It is where models may stand in malls outside shops for example handing out leaflets. Trade Show Models are used to hand out literature at trade show booths. In both cases, the model is used to attract people to them so that they can hand out the marketing material and perhaps also associate the marketing material with an attractive young outlook.

The Life of a Commercial Model

Whereas fashion modeling is generally depicted as being full of intense rivalry and extremely hard to break into, commercial modeling tends to be less intense in this regard and top commercial models have been know to command fees of $3000 or more.

The skills and requirements to be a commercial model are different to those of a fashion model. This is primarily because the term commercial modeling is really vast, and it covers so many different areas.

Commercial Model - Tara

Tara - Commercial Model

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