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Becky Lewis uncovers the world of the fashion models


Fashion models are probably what most people think of when they think of models in general. These are the models that you see in glossy magazines, in designer clothing advertising, and on the runway or catwalk. They are the most widely known because some of these models have reached celebrity status. Who hasn't heard of Cindy Crawford for example?

Celebrity Fashion Models

Just because some of these models have achieved such stardom, you shouldn't be deceived into thinking that fashion modeling is all about glitz and glamour. Of course, for those at the very top there is a lot of money to be made (Millions of dollars each year) and there is the lifestyle of jetting around from California, to New York to the fashion capitals of Europe ( such as London or Milan). But how did these models get there.

Being discovered as a fashion model

The chances of being discovered passively are incredibly small. Although this it the dream of many young girls, the truth is it very rarely happens. In order to get somewhere in life, you have to go out and get what you want, and this is no different in the world of fashion modeling as it is in any other walk of life. Take Cindy Crawford for example. She set off with her father from Dekalb Chicago and started banging on the doors of model agents. She too had to deal with rejection but she did not let this put her off. So if you are considering a career as a fashion model , the first thing to know is that you are going to have to actively pursue this dream, not wait around hoping !

How competitive is the world of fashion modeling

In one word, extremely competitive.This is the dream of so many girls and many of them are prepared to put with anything to pursue this dream. In order to relocate for example to the primary fashion markets, models may find themselves living out of a suitcase or living in extremely cramped flats in an atmosphere of intense rivalry.

The different forms of Fashion modeling

The are many different forms of fashion modeling .Perhaps the best known is

Fashion Runway Modeling

This is perhaps the best known of all the forms of modeling. It is the fashion show modeling that really for many defines the world of modeling. Fashion shows tend to take place every Fall and Spring, and they are an opportunity for fashion designers to show off their creations to prospective store buyers.It is vital that the model knows how to really show off the designs, and to make them move and hang are very strict height figure and age requirements to being a fashion runway model ( tall , slim and young). The work is extremely well paid and hectic.

Fashion Editorial Modeling

This is the world of fashion magazines, the world of Vogue,Cosmo etc .These magazines fill their editorials with fashion advice and predictions for the future .Editorial work is not as well paid as other types of modeling but it gives the model a great deal of exposure which can propel her career. It also gives you the all important tear sheets - the gold standard of the modeling industry and the means through which a model proves what she has accomplished in the fashion world.Also, fashion editorial work can often be experimental , allowing the model to show more unusual or extreme styles.

Fashion Catalog Modeling

This is modeling for the fashion catalogs, and it is well paid primarily because of you are chosen , you will receive so many shoots. It can days weeks or even months to shoot for a catalogue, and you may be around for many of those hours.The type of model required for fashion catalog modeling is generally the ideal for the market that is being targeted. So a catalog dealing with current fashions aimed at younger people will be looking for tall , slender young beautiful girls to model their products and to make the consumer think that if bought the clothes on offer, they could create an impression which is as dazzling as the photo.

Fashion Print Modeling

This is fashion modeling for fashion print advertisements - often advertising an item of a designers collection. This work is extremely demanding, the skill level of the model has to be very high - you will have to capture the essence of what the designer wants to show - you will have to show that you can work in harmony with design professions and sometimes intuitively give them exactly what they want in terms of effect. Because of the experience level required and the skill, the pay for this type of work is extremely high. Models at this level will probably have lawyers negotiating usage rights of the final images which serve to increase the amount of money the model will receive.

Fashion Showroom Modeling

This work involves working in the designer studios, modeling the designer's latest creations for potential buyers.The atmosphere is of course more relaxed than at say a fashion show but you must be prepared to be on your feet all day

Fashion Lingerie Modeling

Modeling fashion lingerie is obviously more revealing than other forms of fashion modeling, so your body tone and proportions must be very good

Fashion Fitness Modeling

This is one of the fastest growing areas in the modeling industry. The late 90s and early part of this century has seen a shift towards fitness as an extremely desirable lifestyle. In the late 80s for example, fitness was not so high on the list of desirable lifestyles.This shift has of course invigorated the market for sportswear and thus increased the demand for fashion fitness modeling. Models involved in this field may model sports clothes, and may well appear in health or fitness magazines .Fitness models may also appear on the weightlifting and bodybuilding market. Of course you must have an extremely well toned and developed body to fit the part and you must be beautiful with it. Such models are a rarity , and the right model can expect to be well paid.

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